Desperate Greens go touting for interviews

Guess who was snapped by Guido Fawkes "Guy News" on College Green outside of the Houses of Parliament appearing to be seeking someone, anyone, who would interview them yesterday ?

Step forward Adrian Ramsay and Rupert Read of the Green Party. You know, the Green Party who like to appear to be different from everyone else (although if you live in Norwich you will know all they do is oppose everything and make uncosted promises about how everything will be better under the Greens).

Desperate, desperate stuff and possibly as vain as any politician could be.


Who are ya? said...

Good to see the Greens rattling the Lib Dems.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yeah, really rattled.

Anonymous said...

Is that Rupert Read the supporter of animal rights extremists?

Is that the Green Party whose adopted policies include:

funding woo like homeopathy & chiropracty from NHS budgets

immediately banning all research involving the use of animals

immediately banning all embryonic stem cell research

cherry picking science - knee jerk opposition to GM, but support for anthropogenic global warming

Anonymous said...

That would be them. That's the same Rupert Read with the list on his UEA profile highlighting how many foreign places he has visited.

This land is my land said...

I love Rupert

Leave off him

Someone has to hate the Joos and he's great at it.

Plus his smugness and arrogance is a wonder to behold

anyway, imagine being cornered in a pub by that pair, telling you everything you already know with the air of the most fervent upper-middle-class zealot who only learnt it a few years ago.

I shudder to think what their CD collection is like.

More please!

Anonymous said...

Rupert is a bit of a loon. But the Greens have changed their science policy recently, so all that stuff on homeopathy, stem cells etc has apparently gone:


Malcolm Redfellow said...

Err ... I'm keep obsessing about the hidden right hand. Surely not, in public and on College Green?

This land is my land said...

Yes, but what kind of loons have homeopathy and bans on stem cell research as policy in the first place?

Not sure about his trainers either.

Anonymous said...

George Bush?