Watch for new pot holes on the Reepham Road

This is a public service announcement

Can I stress to all my local readers in Thorpe Marriott who come home from Norwich on the Reepham Road to be very careful of a massive pot hole on the Reepham Road as you head back to Thorpe Marriott. The pot hole is about 50 yard before the turning in to Long Dale on the Reepham Road.

I have reported the pot hole but given Norfolk County Council's recent record on fixing pot holes in this area, it may take some time.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I am pleased to inform you that all the pot holes on the B1145 at Mileham have been filled. Well done NCC.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But you're the sort of person who congratulates the County Council for anything adn everything, so long as it is a Tory run council.

Anonymous said...

Whereas you appear to be someone who never gives credit where it is due if it is due to a political opponent?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Then you are wrong. Read my blog in greater detail.

Red Star said...

Johnny Norfolk think that Norfolk County Council can do no wrong in his opinion as its a Tory county council.

Perhaps he would like to give his opinion on the (1) day centre closures (he would probably agree with that). (2) the lights being switched off (I also presume Johnny agrees with it).

Where the credit is due I do also congratulate the County Council, (but not that often). I do feel their park and ride scheme is good in principle.