Prime Ministerial Debates will be good for democracy

It is good news for the electors and for democracy that Prime Ministerial debates have been agreed between the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives with the BBC, Sky and ITV. However, I fail to understand why the SNP cannot accept why they will not be taking part.

The SNP is not standing throughout the whole of the UK and their leader could never be Prime Minister. So for them to moan about not being involved is just plain stupid.

I wrote a few months ago how the Cornish Nationalists could similarly moan about being excluded from the Prime Ministerial debates if they wanted to be childish, but unlike the SNP, the Cornish Nationalists seem to have a more mature attitude.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Thats right, The only parties are those that cover the whole of Britain. UKIP,The BNP and The Greens would have more claim to attend than the SNP. They are just stiring up trouble like many small parties do.

Will said...

With the greatest of respect I think if we were in the same situation we would be moaning just as much (and with some justification - four and a half hours of prime time coverage without the party in government in 1/10th of the country). The more they complain the more they get in return.

Johnny Norfolk said...

We are in the same situation. England is being run by the Scots via the labour party.

Anonymous said...


they'll be absolute rubbish

prepared soundbites and the usual knockabout childishness centred around three parties, that have essentially, the same policies