A hole in the ground and a very big lorry

After I reported a number of potholes in Taverham and Thorpe Marriott in recent weeks, Norfolk County Council finally came along to fill in some of the pot holes. Good news ?

Well, not quite.

What is odd is that holes that I specifically reported have been filled, but my online reporting mentioned "numerous other holes" in the vicinity of the main holes. So what have Norfolk County Council done ? They have filled the biggest holes, but sometimes holes just a few feet away have been left.

Isn't it utterly ridiculous that a team of men come out in a very large lorry to fix one hole but then through procedures and paperwork from the Council they seem to be unable to fill in other holes whilst they are there !


Johnny Norfolk said...

It is just the same here in Mileham, some filled some not others need fixing again. I did however e mail my local councilor and he has given me the whole story and we will be properly sorted soon. He is a Conservative so he will get things moving.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Surely a decent local councillor would have been aware anyway.