Council tax income spent in Norfolk in order to fight something the Tories could have killed off in Parliament

Local councils across Norfolk are still up in arms, quite justifiably so, over the government's decision to grant unitary status to Norwich. During the whole process a small fortune has been spent on legal fees and propaganda by councils in Norfolk on both sides of the debate. However, it is the actions of the Tories this week that has come in for much criticism, particularly form the local press in Norfolk in the form of the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) who in a complete about turn for them seem suddenly to hav woken up to the fact that Cameron's Tories are strong on rhetoric, but totally lacking in the courage of their convictions when it comes to making real decisions.

As the EDP headline makes clear, the Tories could have taken action in the House of Lords to deal with the ridiculous decision to grant Norwich Unitary Status, but instead they sat on their hands and put forward a motion with no teeth, no power, and essentially, broke their pledges to "fight the Norwich Unitary bid".

Meanwhile, back in Norfolk, Norfolk County Council are still taking legal action (and no doubt spending a lot of council tax in come as a result) against the Norwich Unitary decision. Now I don't blame Norfolk County Council for doing this, but doesn't it tell us a lot about the Tories nationally that they could have acted in parlaiment to kill this off, but instead they did nothing and let people in Norfolk shell out on legal action thus putting greater pressure on the council tax payer ?

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Anonymous said...

A poor show from the Tories. This will lose them votes across Norfolk.