Taverham Community Cafe - What a great idea !

When out delivering leaflet yesterday I was starting to feel a combination of the cold, fatigue (I am approaching the age of 40) and a lack of sugar, so I was pleased to see the sign saying the community Cafe was pen at Hinks Meadow.

My wonderful next door neighbours (the sort of neighbours who you would pay to live next door to) help there, and at the cafe they do the usual tea, coffee and biscuits, but they also sell the most wonderful homemade cakes. So having sat down, got my breath, and bought a large bag full of cakes to take home to my wife and son, I was left to reflect on what  great idea the community cafe is.

The cafe is run by St Edmunds church, they run it every morning on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they put on art activities, things for parents and young children, and basically do a great job of getting people in the community together.

It's one of the great things about Taverham and Thorpe Marriott that there is such a vibrant community of clubs, societies and voluntary groups who provide so many activities for people to get together.

In short, if you are at a loose end and want something to do or need a bit of a chat on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, I would heartily recommend the community cafe at Hinks Meadow.


Johnny Norfolk said...

All the best things are run by locals for locals without council or government interfearance, as in this case. However having lived all over England and in France and Germany, I can tell you NCC is very good.

Anonymous said...

The cafe's location and opening times are at http://www.stedmundstaverham.co.uk/cafe.shtml