Gordon Brown after Piers Morgan - I like him more, but I couldn't vote for him

I can see why Labour's spin doctors encouraged Gordon Brown to be interviewed by his friend Piers Morgan after watching the interview this evening. I found the show quite entertaining and I am sure it will make a few people like him a little more (or hate him a little less). The problem for Labour spin doctors is that it's more complicated than that.

People are turned off voting for Labour not simply because of Gordon Brown. There are dozens of other facts, not the least of which was the Labour Party's support for the war in Iraq, the underfunding of our effort in Afghanistan, the state of the economy, the way that our legal system seems to side with the criminal and not with victims, the failure of the NHS to provide life saving drugs for cancer patients and a growing sense that this government has done little to reform parliament and British politics in general.

So whilst lots of people might think better of Gordon Brown, let's not forget what happened to the Tories in 1997. John Major was identified as an electoral asset. People didn't like the Tory party but they liked John Major. Did it make people vote for John Major ? Of course not.

I cannot in any way think tonight's show will have in any way harmed Gordon Brown, despite some rather desperate and often deeply unpleasant comments I read from well known Tory bloggers on Twitter, but I don't for one moment think this it is going to make people have a sudden enthusiasm for the Labour Party.


Horsell Lib Dems said...

I'm surprised this made you like GB more. It seemed to me he was just playing a part. The whole interview appeared scripted and rehearsed.

Letters From A Tory said...

Some bad news on unemployment on Wednesday will certainly wipe people's memories very quickly.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It didn't seem scripted at all.

I am no GB fan and never have been, but he came across okay.