What is wrong with our legal system that takes 14 months for a traffic offence to come before a court of law ?

Ashley Cole, the footballer, adulterer and husband of Cheryl Cole, was found guilty of speeding by a court today.

Astonishingly, the arrest was made in November 2008 ! Why the hell do our courts react so slowly ? Why has it taken 14 months before this case was heard ? Is it any wonder people have no faith in the legal system ?

The fact is that the CPS and our court system is held in such low regard by people in general. I was told be a friend who is related to a barrister that he knows which cases, even when his client is guilty, that he will win based on which CPS person turns up. Apparently some are "utterly useless" and "do not understand the cases they are presenting and in some cases offer lesser charges because they do not have the knowledge to prosecute the more serious charges."


Johnny Norfolk said...

Its stunning how long it takes, but then we have far too many lawers in parliament passing laws to suit themselves.
If a lawyer is an MP should they not declare an interest and not be allowed a vote.Interesting thought.

jailhouselawyer said...

There is even more delay because he could not even be bothered to turn up for the case. And it was only when the magistrates intended banning him from driving that his lawyer sought an adjournment so he could address the court why he should not be banned from driving. It displays contempt.

English Pensioner said...

Many CPS lawyers just don't care. I heard from a very reputable source that the police had a case in a particular magistrates court, and the court was running late. When this case came up, the CPS offered no evidence and the accused was released.
The reason transpired to be that the lawyer was attending some important do that evening and didn't want to be late and knew that the particular magistrate wouldn't postpone the case and would be prepared to work late (ie after 4.00 pm).

Paul Pinfield said...

Nich, as you might remember, I have had dealings with Norwich CPS in relation to a speeding charge. The incompetence was staggering. No evidence was disclosed to me leading to big delays. Instead, they sent me a letter giving the details of a convicted paedophile and his attempts to seek accommodation.

When I brought this to their attention (and perhaps with the help of your post on the subject) the case was dropped for 'lack of evidence'.

When I asked why they issued a summons if there was no evidence, they predictably lost my letter.

Would I trust the CPS? No

Do I wonder about the convictions they secure? In some cases, yes.

I could go on, but I fear I would drive myself mad...

Gallimaufry said...

Q-What do you call a lawyer who failed all his exams and scraped through the retakes with a sicknote?
A-A lawyer.

Anonymous said...

In know of a case where a man was beaten half to death in Norwich and the CPS were totally incompetent at every step. The men got off with a minimal sentence based on a "deal" made with the accused because the CPS lawyer like you said Nick, did not understand the case.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the closer people get the the justice system, the more they see that it provides no justice and is just a game.

Norman Lamb was on TV last night regarding a constituent of his who reported a rape, a quite horrific rape, where the CPS decided not to proceed with the case. The message from the CPS was simply "Don't bother reporting rape in Norfolk as we do not care". Appalling.