What about the blood on your hands Mr Major ?

John Major seeks today to criticise Tony Blair in his handling of the Iraq War. Much as I would like to agree with John Major, I cannot forget or forgive the fact that his government knew about the murder of 5,000 muslims in Srebrenica in 1995, was warned about it by then Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown, and the UK government let it be known that the "safe areas" would not be defended.

John Major will not be judged well by history, and I beleive in 16 years time when the 30 year rule is applied to government data and we find out the full facts, history will judge John Major's government to be even worse.

You can read more about what John Major's government knew and how they acted HERE.


Johnny Norfolk said...

I do not believe we should be going round the world fighting other peoples battles as if it was still The British Empire. Its about time this country grew up and stopped interfearing in other countries.We should look to other countries to play their role. we have done more than enough.
Has Iraq and Afganistan taught us nothing.

Norfolk Blogger said...

This was before Iraq and we had troops within 50 miles and aircraft who could have put on a show of strength who were just minutes away.

The fact is that just 14 years ago we allowed WW2 style atrocities to take place. Major was warned and he did not act.

Richard T said...

Don't forget that Major was responsible for the Matrix Churchill case where a business man doing the Government's bidding was to have been hung out to dry. The case fell over largely through Alan Clark's being economical with the actuality but it was not through any lack of effort to conceal what they were up to by the Governmnet.

He and his ministers lied and lied and lied to save their sniveling skins. He's a f*****ing hypocrite.