A sign that any media source is not to be trusted is if they get excited about the release of school league tables

BBC East tonight almost wet themselves with excitement talking about the "incredible" High School league tables produced today.

Anyone who knows anything about education knows that league tables show only what is recordable, not what is important. The fact that BBC East, not noted for their fantastic journalism locally, reported this with such gusto and excitement rather underlines why I don't watch the BBC local news.


Johnny Norfolk said...

When we had our 24 hour power cut in the first snow storm, we turned on BBC radio Norfolk to listen to the weather reports on our battery radio. What a shocking station. It was like listening to children just messing about. we managed about half an hour and that was it.

Anonymous said...

The local BBC media are not good.

last week they reported on a soldier who had fought on the "Front line in Afghansitan and in Northern Ireland" - NORTHERN IRELAND FFS !!! Where the hell was the front line in NI ??