How many children have been hurt by this disgraceful GP ?

It has been announced that a hearing in to the GP who claimed links between the MMR jab and autism has found him to have been guilty of misconduct.

The report on the hearing is HERE.

The one question that has not been answered yet though is how many children did not get the MMR jab and as a result, hat was the increase in children getting measles, mumps and rubella. These illnesses, very serious to people of different ages, can leave permanant damage.

You still occasionally hear people quiting MMR as a reason not to get a flu jab or the HPV jab, so this idiot doctor really does have a lot to answer for.


Anonymous said...

"... how many children did not get the MMR jab"

That's the parents choice, geddit. The main problem is that most sane people no longer believe a word they are told by politicians, scientists, doctors, policemen et al... and people who live in the global flood plains of East Anglia.

Hope you didn't chicken out on your Swine-Flu jab NB.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I had one. I also have a seasonal flu jab. Had my asthmatic son been offered a jab on time, he might not have had flu over Christmas. My son had MMR too.

Anonymous said...

As I said... not everyone would agree with you, but that's YOUR choice.

teekblog said...

@ Harry Hook: interesting point regarding parental choice. Nobody makes choices in a vacuum, we make choices based on the information available to us (or rather, in complicated matters such as decisions to vaccinate or not, on the info available that we understand).

The reason Wakefield and his theories are so dangerous is that they skew the info parents have available to them against all other solid scientific evidence.

Most MMR-refuseniks cite Wakefield's work as influential in their choice, and given his utter disregard for medical ethics, and the shameful flaws in his 'research,' we are right to criticise Wakefield, and the moronic press, for the drop in vaccine uptake.

Anonymous said...

But people are worried, my nephew was two when he had the MMR jab it had just come out, until then he was seen as being a normal child active and out going little boy , six months latter he was introvert, he was ill, he was not well, and the doctor said we have no idea, he is now 16 , with the mental age of an eight year old child. The GP stated he was not sure of the cause but at the time did say he would not give the MMR injection again, of course Politicians got involved.

The family had another child and this time when the time came they had the injections given one at a time.

Now I've no idea if the cause was the injections, or living close to a main road or the electric pylons or the Ariel for mobile phones, but something went wrong.

My two kids had the injections and both are fine, now I had a grandson who has the same problem he has learning disabilities up until he was three he was fine and then bang.

so as i say i do not know the cause for it, but once people highlighted MMR then sadly it was always going to be a worry

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous, i hate to break the news to you, but you really cannot detect autistic features at a young age. So of course symptoms of autism will appear after MMR, but so does feet getting bigger, your child getting taller and them talking. Do we link that to MMR ?

Johnny Norfolk said...

I think a parent has the right to do what they see as the correct thing for their child. If that means seperate jabs then so be it.

Norfolk Blogger said...

But Hohhny, parents came to this view on the basis of skewed evidence from one man carried out it appears in breach of normal medical rules.

There is a whole host of evidence from across the world that single jabs are more likely to cause problems as each separate jab has its own risks.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Yes I know but it for the parent to make the final decision not the state in my opinion. I have never had a flu jab as i have come across so many people who had had such a bad time after them. This pig flu thing ws a joke it made you less ill than normal flu. £1 billion wasted.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've had proper flu at least three times. I get very ill, hallucinate, throw up, lose half a stone in weight, have a raging temperature.

I pay for a flu jab every year. For two days I have a slight pain in my arm and with each year you have the jab the effects lessen.

Believe me, a sore arm is a lot less worse than flu.