Dan Roper chosen as Broadland Lib Dem candidate

Dan Roper has been seleted as the Lib Dem prespective parliamentary candidate for the new Broadland constituency.

I attended the selection meeeing and was genuinely impressed by the passion Dan showed, his previous and recent campaign experience and his commitment to work hard at winning the seat for all the right reasons, for as long as it takes.

Dan, spoke of his previous membership of the Labour Party and the shameful way they have betrayed this country and all those people who once believed in their message. It was quite amusing then to hear so many members at the meeting then state there was nothing wrong with being a member of another politcal party in the past, with various people owning up to having been members of the Labour and Conservative parties in the past. And, of course, that is the point of being a Lib Dem campaigner. You have to change people's views from being Labour or Tory to being Lib Dem.

All in all, I am so pleased that my local Lib Dem candidate is genuinely the sort of person I would be proud to go out and campaign for. I wish him luck and will do whatever I can to help him.

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