X Factor winner is not the Christmas number 1

Funny that the internet campaign to stop the X Factor winner automatically getting the Christmas number one has succeeded. 

It's just sad that the vehicle for this project was a real dirge of a song by Rage Against the Machine that has the same record label that Simon Cowell is also linked to. Talk about self defeating !


John said...

As an agent said when his candidate complained that his leaflets didn't give his full Liberal persona `If you don't get elected you can't practice any of it`.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fantastic

Great to see people letting all the programmers, the politicians who suck up to the program to court popularity, and Cowell and his demon spawn know that we think - there is more to music than endless cover versions of tired old songs, by young people with pretty faces but no opinions.

I don't particularly like the band but I admire the sentiment immensely. I remember when my 'idols' like John Lydon and Joe Strummer advocated young people finding out about politics, life, history, and why decisions about our lives are taken and by whom, and through that process living better lives and maybe even changing things.

the choice now is rather less principled, educated, inspiring or informed.

A great way to start xmas.

James Mackenzie said...

If the objective had been specifically to deprive Sony of money, the thing to do would have been not to make a contest of it, let alone pick a tune on a different label.

But it wasn't. It's just a light-hearted bit of culture wars, with X-Factor and Cowell as the targets. Although I'm not surprised you don't like the tune as much I do.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Nothing really against the group. I love the Imperial March remix they start (or used to) start their gigs with. I just think this is not the most tuneful Christmas song.

Anonymous said...

Great news. At last the Xmas X-Factor No1 monopoly has been broken after about 5 years I think it was.
Todays pop music is so mediocre. And I'm a firm believer that Top Of The Pops was withdrawn not because of all the music channels on Sky tv, but simply because todays Pop music has become so awful.


Ruth said...

If as James seems to think that was an attempt to deprive Sony of some money then it failed miserably.

Sony own both artists and I wouldn't be surprised if one of Sony's PR actually orchestrated the campaign.

Someone else has said that it has restored their faith in the masses - but what it actually has shown is how easily they can be manipulated again.

Anonymous said...

It woul;d ahve been nice if a nice Christmas song had been championed as this would ahve made a precedent for other years.

Maria said...

They sound like the Beastie Boys in the late 1980s. I can't understand what they're saying!