Turkeys vote for Christmas

BA, whose average staff costs are apparently nearly double those of any other UK airline, are faced with 12 days of strikes thanks to the UNITE union's decision to oppose reforms that would give BA a fighting chance of surviving the recession and actually staying in business.

It seems that Turkeys really do vote for Christmas.


jailhouselawyer said...

"It seems that Turkeys really do vote for Christmas".

Which is more than can be said for convicted prisoners.

Jack Straw should be stuffed on this one!

(word verification "irate" which sums up how I feel about the Minister of Injustice!)

Anonymous said...

As a teacher I can fully understand your comments. I'm a teacher too and find them to be the most supine,
roll over and do what you want to us profession I've come across. Hence the state of education.

I have a lot of respect for anyone who refuses to be fucked over in the name of profit.

TJUK2008 said...

Nich, I thought this may be of interest; http://jermysjournal.blogspot.com/2009/12/breckland-council-press-release-row.html

BA traveller said...

Dear Anonymous; when your company, its shareholders and your wages all depend on the evil "profit", it's a bit f***ing dumb to ignore the fact that you're paid twice the market rate and your company's lost £400m in the last year (though, of course, there's no connection according to the TUs). God help us if you teach maths or economics.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous. I have worked in the private sector and knew my job depended on a profit being made by the company. If you do not understand that then you need education.