How to deal with idiots who phone 999 for no good reason

I don't think it takes an enormous amount of intelligence to know the difference between a good reason and a bad reason to phone 999.

The answer for people like THIS who phoned up 999 over Christmas because her cat was overly playful and was "doing her head in", is simply to send a police car round, arrest her for wasting police time, and then see how many other people think that the emergency services should be phoned for such trivial matters.

Sadly, the police release stories like this every few months, but until firm action is taken, it will get worse and worse.


Anonymous said...
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Johnny Norfolk said...

if you can be given an on the spot fine for dropping litter, then you should be for this.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I agree.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I agree with you agreeing with me.

Happy New Year.