How accurate are the weather forecasters ?

Last Friday I checked the weather forecast before work. According to the Met Offce, Norwich International Airport (2 miles from where I work), should have been having a heavy snow shower. The weather was bright sunshine !

On Saturday, according to the weather forecast on TV, there was, by teatime,no snow in Norfolk. This is contrary to the fact that it had been snowing here (two miles from Norwich International Airport which gets its own forecast on the BBC Weather website) for three hours hours. The weather forecaster even told us that the East of Angland would be "dry,k with no snow sleet or rain". Totally wrong.

So I check the weather this morning. According to the Met Office it has been raining here in Norwich since  6am. Having got up at 6.30 I can categorically say it is not raining here, but look at the satellite images on the BBC weather website, and they are saying something completely different from what is the reality.

People are constantly criticised for choosing to go on journey rather than staying at home in this bad weather. But the truth is people do not trust the weather forecasts the Met Office give because they are so consistenly wrong.

This is the corrent forecast for now. So where is the rain ?


dazmando said...

Yes and for some reason it seems worse during the winter

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