NatWest/RBS double talk

For months RBS, owners of NatWest, have been selling NatWest to the public as the bank that has more staff, more branches open, the most helpful staff and cares most about customers.

Today we read that NatWest are to shed up to one third of their staff.

It's investment banking that made the losses at RBS/NatWest, but it is the staff in wholesale banking who lost their jobs. What's more is it is customers, ordinary people like you and me who suffer and get worse service and less branches.

Isn't that an odd sort of logic ?


Manfarang said...

Maybe they will be able to get a job at the Virgin Bank.
I must switch to the Co-op Bank I've had enough of Nazinal Westminster.

Bill Quango MP said...

Its a disgrace. RBS had a total news blackout all last week and kept a really tight lid on the story. Didn't want Unite getting a head start on the media wars.

Cameron was right about Twitter said...

Love your latest Twitter comment about abdominal pain. Absolutely gripping. Can you remind us what your third-ever Twitter post said, please?

jailhouselawyer said...

How can you object to a high street business offering 33% off?