Liz Truss - Can the Tory blogging mafia spin their way through this one ?

As one commenter to my blog wrote

"Yesterday's headlines were "Liz Truss Comes out Fighting" (Iain Dale) and "Liz Truss Wins Over local paper" (Con Home).

They should have waited a day for Saturday's EDP !

I think this finally does for Liz. Even Iain Dale cannot spin this one."

What the Tory spinners failed to notice (from only looking at the online editions of the EDP) was that there was also a column in yesterdays EDP which absolutely castigated Liz Truss and those who from on high in the Tory Party, and outside of Norfolk, were dictating what they should and should not think. This article was totally overlooked by Iain Dale and Con Home.

The inconsistencies too in Liz Truss' story about when she became a Tory (at university she claimed) when everywhere else it says she was a Lib Dem at university and that she left the Lib Dems after leaving University did not add up.

Then we turn to today's EDP front page which leads on the headline that Elizabeth Truss is accused of "more hypocrisy and deceit as new revelations emerge".

Now come on Iain and Con Home. Spin your way through this.

The fact is that Iain and Con Home still don't get it. Whilst for many people the issue might be the affair she had, the truth is for the majority of people it is an issue of trust. And what is clear is that in the current political climate, being able to trust your candidate and MP is vital. Clearly people in SW Norfolk Tories have lost trust in Lizz Truss.

UPDATE - For those incapable of reading, can I refer them to the final paragraph and get over the issue of her marital infidelity. That, in itself, is not the issue. The issue is clearly one of trust and honesty, and this is where Mrs Truss appears to have her problems.


Tom Paine said...

This is even more ridiculous than it is unworthy. Political trust indexed to marital fidelity? Hmm. Glass houses. Stones. Mark Oaten, Paddy Ashdown, Lloyd George (knew my great-grandmother, probably), Gladstone (or do you buy the "rescuing fallen women" stuff?) Or maybe it's ok for men, but not women, eh?

Pack it in, it's the 21st Century - even in Norfolk. No wonder my namesake had to leave with enough accumulated frustration to start two revolutions. In fact, come to think of it, it **was** partly because of petty-minded provincial gossip and behind the hand village bad-mouthing. Plus ca change. Still, Norfolk's loss was America's and France's gain, eh?

You sound like a maiden aunt's long-dead and particularly prudish Victorian great grandmother. On a bad day. If you want a parliament full of misfits and weirdoes, keep it up.

Oh wait. You're a LibDem. As you were.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You still don't get it do you ?

It's not about the issue (of the affair) it's the issue of not making people aware that it was an issue, claiming that people could have found out for themselves (despire the shortlisted candidates names not being known by members in advance), and now these counter claims.

You can quote what you like about other Lib Dems. Let's not forget that Paddy Ashdown was outed to The Sun by a Tory Minister. This was confirmed by Kelvin Mackenzie (The Sun Editor at the time), so you ought to be careful about the facts you choose to use.

If you could get over the issue of the sex (you are clearly obsessed with it) and get back to "trust", on whatever the issue is, then you might be able to hold a rational debate.

Tom Twat said...

You idiot Tom. Ignore the real issue, make sterotypical comments and then rant.

What a tool.

RobC said...

No-one has sought to bring down the male Tory MP with whom she had the affair. Ok so maybe she should have realised at the time it might have been an issue in rural Norfolk but the bottom line is there is only so much fuss being made because she is a woman. On this one I'm afraid I am with Tom Paine even though clearly he is no lover of our party. It is C21st after all. This sort of hypocritical attitude by the South West Norfolk Tory association is pretty nauseating amd we shouldn't be giving them tacit support because it might be in our party political interest to do so.

Anonymous said...

Mark Oaten?

What's the story there?

Norfolk Blogger said...

actually the male Tory lost his shadow spokeperson job.

But again (and I tire of writing this), the issue of sex is not the issue. it is the issue of trust and honesty. It is about the lack of trust shown in local tories to make decisions.

As for comments about Mark Oaten, isn't he standing down ? Personally I never liked him so I am hardly the person to ask. His views are far too right wing for a Liberal, in my opinion.

Mark Pack said...

Have you got a link or reference to her claiming she became a Tory at university? I certainly remember her as being a Lib Dem.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Mark. It's in this article


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how very silent ConHome and Iain Dale have gone since Chris Fisher's article?

Tom Paine said...

Didn't Oaten deceive his wife and conceal his extra-marital activities from his constituency association? Didn't Ashdown, Gladstone, Lloyd George? Wasn't that, in your hypocritical terms, an issue of trust? Or, again, is this mock-Victorian propriety only applicable to women? Or to non LibDems?

I am not a Tory and I don't give a damn who outed Ashdown, by the way. I know I certainly wouldn't have done it. I would have regarded it as a private matter for the three people concerned, like any civilised human. Ashdown's the best bloke you ever had in a modern Parliament, in my opinion. And I would certainly have voted for Gladstone, who was a real Liberal, not a Socialist in Liberal fancy dress like your lot today.

I do remember, however, how Margaret Thatcher reacted to Cecil Parkinson's affair with his secretary. She thought it irrelevant to his work and regretted that he resigned. How does it feel to be socially more old-fashioned than a Conservative old lady?

By the way, before you and your chums get carried away with the "..she belonged to a different party at university but denies it..." story, let's not forget who was a member of Cambridge University Conservatives, but denied it until the membership list was published!

I haven't missed the point. You have. Spectacularly, and as usual.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Are you a little repressed ? Feel the need to go on about sex all the time ?

Why not read my latest posint anf perhaps you will get the point.

It's not about sex. Its just that you want it to be.

Obviosuly you ahve missed the point as I explained my views on Oaten, but still you go on about him.