Let's give Simon Cowell some credit

After all the slagging off of Simon Cowell this week, let's at least give him some credit.

It takes an enormous amount of hard work to take a group of largely talented people, give them an all time classic song, and yet still produce a a cover version of that song which genuinely is appalling.

Still, Simon Cowell has managed to achieve this through his release of the X Factor contestants cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Anonymous said...

I'm lost for words

John Peel must be spinning in his grave

Noel Gallagher it causes the winners instant mental illness and “has absolutely nothing to do with music and everything to do with television”. “If somebody is dangling fame in front of a check-out girl from Barnsley they’re going to go for it because they live in a s**thole."

“You’re in with a No1 and you’ve got Dannii Minogue telling you you’re really talented – and if there’s one person who wouldn’t know talent if it kicked them up the arse, it’s Dannii Minogue. People from Bradford singing in American accents. It's sh***

Instead of instant fame the prize ought to be, ‘I’ll introduce you to someone who might, if you’re lucky, know a producer who’d record one of your songs.’

And brother Liam put it in his own inimitable style: "I know all about annoying f****** brothers. But nobody comes close to them. How do you not smack them? What the f*** is happening to British music?" Liam, who was at South Kensington's Gore Hotel, added: "And what are those things on their heads?"