Cameron and the Camera Man

It seems a very odd world that when Gordon Brown tries to do the right thing and write a person handwritten letter to a mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan, he is castigated. And when he further goes out of his way to phone her, he receives more bile from the Murdoch Press. Yet when David Cameron takes his own personal cameraman to a war memorial in order to gain extra publicity shots, he seems to get off with none of the major media organisations taking up the story.

Biased BBC ? I should say !

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Joe said...

Why? Brown's effort merely indicate his ineptitude and begs the question 'what on earth was his minders doing to allow such an abysmal letter to be sent?' The principle may have been right (but you know I doubt that - he has never indicated any empathy previously) but the practice wa apalling and he should be rightly castigated for it.

And why should not Cameron take his own camerman? The BBC are more than willing to be Brown's publicity department and I doubt they would usually have given any indication that Cameron even attended a remembrance day activity never mind cover it - so it sounds good policy to me.

Why do you find it biased?