X Factor - John and Edward Grimes - The Irish twins !

If ever there was s stunt designed to get people talking about a TV show it appears to be the X Factor's willingness to accept that two talentless, rude and obnoxious people with no discernible qualities other than their passports can foul up three auditions yet still get to the final twelve.

Louis Walsh's controversial decision to put through John and Edward Grimes seems based on Louis's belief that he thinks "people will like them". Usually such decisions split the public, but no this one. It seems from message boards that absolutely nobody likes them !

The biggest winner, of course, from this will again be Simon Cowell. With thousands already pledging to vote for all of the eleven other hopefuls in an attempt to get John and Edward thrown out it seems that record numbers are likely to vote.

Perhaps the greatest sadness is that in some of the other categories there were some fabulous artistes who could not get to the final 12 because their categories were so strong. Simon Cowell's over 25s, for instance, seemed to be blessed with 6 singers all of whom could have won the show outright.

The other shame is that there will be some young people who will see that arrogance, cockiness, rudeness and lying will get you some level of success and fame. Talent will win out in the end, but it is a shame that the Irish twins, whose biggest appeal to Louis Walsh appears to be their Irish passports, should be seen as achieving success with no visible talent.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

omg! lyyk whats your problem! I personaly think that the british think that the irish are tryin to make a mock of their programme but realyy they just want to do well && live their dream! &7 theyre not "rude, cocky && arrogant" theyre irish && have a sense of humour && a personality! like give them a chance!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Actually their biggest crime is not that they are cocky, arrogant or annoying. I personally find Robbie Williams to be all these things and I happily buy his CDs.

The biggest problem is that they have no discerible talent other than being Irish. That is NOT good enough to be on a talent show.

Singing Rock DJ, they were behind the music in the verses, their voices lacked the strength to be heard over the music, they seemed unsure of the lyrics, and in the two parts when they were supposed to harmonise, they didn't !

Actually the cruellest part is that Louis chose them at all.

Anonymous said...

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louise said...

I belive John and Edward can win they are gr8t and can sing it will be easy for them to win, John is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i like Edward to but i like John more :):):):) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx