Tory policy on Lison in three tweets

Iain Dale is getting all excited about Louise Bagshaw summarising Tory policy on the Lisbon Treaty in three tweets. You can read it HERE.

The version Iain is getting excited about is

Here's our policy on Lisbon: we oppose it, and we want a referendum. And if it's not ratified by polling day, we'll have one.

And if it is?If it is, we'll announce what we do about its lack of legitimacy then. The Tories: crossing bridges when we come to them.

Labour hates it when David Cameron is pragmatic. It's sweet how desperate for a Euro-split they are. This sceptic is fine w/ being practical.

I thought I'd give my version below.

Here's our policy on Lisbon: we oppose it, & we want a referendum. & if it's not ratified by polling day, we say we'll one.

We say this cos it wins us votes & it's a promise we won't have to keep. If it's not ratified we don't know what we'll do. The Tories: saying anything to win votes

Labour hates it when David Cameron avoids real choices. But he'll do anything to avoid Euro-split, even lying to the public.

That's nearer the truth.


Quiet_Man said...

Shame about labour and Lib Dem promises on referendums too. Still at least the Tories are tying themselves up in knots about the possibility of one rather than just breaking manifesto promises.

Norfolk Blogger said...

And I am on record (search the blog) of being very critical of the Lib Dems on that very issue, so please don't leture me on it.

The truth is though that the Tories have got themselves in to a pickle over this.

Quietzapple said...

Very Good, Norfie!

Chameleon is a bit of a pickle, isn't he?