Newly selected Tory candidate might be deselected within days

The EDP reports that Elizabeth Truss, the Tory A lister selected for the safe Tory seat of South West Norfolk might be deselected within days of being selected after revelations of her affair with a Tory MP were published by a national newspaper.

I thought it odd that South West Norfolk again did not choose a local person for the area after the clear success of having local woman Gillian Shephard as their MP for so many years. Still, it after the awful Christopher Fraser, the invisible man of Norfolk politics, surely anyone would be an improvement.


Anonymous said...

Mr Cameron has given the Candidate he's full backing, so i assume Dave is FORCING candidates into safe seats it seems? defying the local party. . .


Letters From A Tory said...

What a ridiculous situation. Surely a basic google search of Liz Truss by ANY of the constituency members would have unearthed this old story?

Honestly, what a non-story.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, Liz was President of Oxford University Lib Dems at one time. I think you know her successor but one in that role who is a local boy.

All issues about local candidates and so on aside, I remember Liz as an intelligent and very good humoured sort. It's no surprise she decided to pursue her ambitions in a different party (always very much on the right) but I personally wish her well. As you say - big improvement on the troughing nonentity Fraser to say the least. As for the story du jour in the Mail and the EDP - the usual platitudes about personal matter, all being allowed a mistake or two in our lives, and all in the past apply here.

jailhouselawyer said...

What do you expect with these Norfolk Broads?

Quietzapple said...

The local tories don't seem to want a reference to an Open De-selection Meeting or the like, do they?

Most people would think that the fact she didn't bang on about a past infidelity at her selection meeting or in her cv was just usual decorum.

Sr Burlosconi is not involved in Norfolk politics, is he?