Lib Dem gain in Wroxham (Broadland)

Just received a text telling me that the Liberal Democrats gained the wroxham seat on broadland district council from an independent Tory with 63% of the vote. The same ward is held by the Tories at county level and also has another Tory district councillor.

The Con-dependent who died had been elected as a Tory and was re-elected with the Tories failing to field a full slate. He was also known to be a Tory party member, so in many ways this is gain from the Tories.

So much for "The Sun" effect.


Dave Thomas said...

not only that we took walsingham as well - double victory in a very winnable constiuency ! A fantastic boost for the County Party


Gallimaufry said...

Is it LibDem strategy to concentrate on places beginning with W?

Anonymous said...

In timing that can hardly be coincidential Claudete Banning the formerly Independent councillor for Taverham South has now the Tories. Given in both the Buxton and Wroxham elections she was telling in a Tory rosette this hardly seems to surprising.

However surely this makes her appearence on Tory election literature in Norwich Norht as an independent even more suspicious.