Tory blogger doing the job that a Lib Dem blogger should be doing.

One of my favourite Tory blogs is Andrew Allison's "A Conservative View". As a resident of Hull North Andrew is heartily sick and tired of his rather useless Labour MP and has in recent weeks regularly highlighted the flaws in her arguments, her contradictions and ways in which public money is used to fund her campaigns.

All of this is well observed and worthy of being pointed out.

My only question, why is a Lib Dem not doing this sort of thing too ? Hull is a major Lib Dem target yet it takes a local Tory to tell us these things.

In the meantime, well done Andrew.


Fitaloon said...

Just another "phoney" Tory doing a job properly

Norfolk Blogger said...

Like all parties, some parties have phoney people in them. Some at the top (see Mr Cameron) some lower down.

Unlike some blogs though I do like to give credit where it is due (see my comments about IDS a couple of days ago).

If only Tory blogs were as generous !

Senn the Cartoonist said...

tory blogs are only miserly like them!