Tories want to make BBC a puppet of the Tories officially

Apparently the Tories want to openly politicise the BBC by positively discriminating in favour of recruiting Tor members as BBC journalists.

Another ploy by the Tories to ruin the BBC and a sign that the Tories care little for unbiased news gathering.

Hat Tip to Irfan Ahmed


James Higham said...

First they have to break down the socialist stranglehold and that's not easy - it's taken decades.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Whatever next, attempts to recruit more heterosexual air stewards ? More artists who are less co-ordinated ?

The fact is that some professions attract people with particular mind sets.

When will the Tories suggest the City of London recruit more socialists ?

Anonymous said...

Are you a socialist or a LibDem - either way your concentration of visceral hatred of the Tories is disturbing.

Better Labour than the Tories seems to be your mantra.

Sir Edward Heath said...

The Norfolk Blogger has merely bagged a Labour defeat at the next Election. For it is important to remember that Liberal Democrats (like the Norfolk Blogger) will be ruthlessly attacking the Tories when we get elected. We'd better get familiar with it. That is why he is a Lib Dem and not a Tory. For their goal is to become the new Opposition - that might happen when Labour is destroyed in 2010.

Quietzapple said...

A recent reference on BBC tv's "Breakfast" by presenter Charlie State makes clear that Andrew Pearce, no doubt among others, has a work station there. I have repeatedly referred to him and other extreme right wing journos, some from the Dully Tele, as being embedded with that programme.

Such facilities could be used to check the response of a panel or whomever to Pearce's first set of opinions, p[rior to modification for his second propaganda blast.

Somehow I suspect that if the Daily Mirror's McGuire has the same facility he doesn't take quite the same advantage.

Rather than the Dully Tele journos going native, some at least of the BBC's "News" teams have defected to an anti HMG, generally pro Chameleon position.

Truly a scandal.