Nobody likes glory hunters on the make

So the glory hunters are at it again. Mr Murdoch's weight has shift back to the Tories and "The Sun" is backing David Cameron. Is anybody shocked or surprised ?

Like a seven year old wearing a Manchester United top, the Sun follows the winning team. Forget principles, forget standing for something or arguing your point, The Sun is used as a tool merely to curry favour with whoever is going to hold power.

And what will the price be ? With Recent attacks by James Murdoch on the BBC, will the Murdoch "pay off" be a dismemberment of the BBC ? Will it be a free hand given to Sky ? Don't you just know that there will be a price to be paid for this.

But don't worry, Cameron has the backing of a paper which told lies about Hillsborough, which told lies about Elton John, and is prepared to sell its soul to anyone who looks like they can win.

Receiving the support of "The Sun" is like being patted on the back and told "Well done" by a serial liar and muck spreader. You must be very proud Mr Cameron.


Rob said...

Personally I was rather disappointed that Gordon Brown didn't get really tough in his speech. I had hopped that he'd step up to the plate and make the 2010 elections interesting but the Labour Party Conference I think has totally failed to make it big in my minds eye.
More of my thoughts here: http://wp.me/pyq3l-3W

Brian E. said...

I think the traditional Labour voters will either abstain or vote BNP if they are dissatisfied with Labour. They are unlikely to vote Tory or LibDem

James Higham said...

Everyone's jockeying for position.

Anonymous said...

I doubt many of them will vote in large enough numbers for the BNP. The majority of working class Labour voters are not fascist scum so they are hardly likely to vote for thugs in suits.