Is there anything he will not say ?

Charles Clarke was when serving as a government minister that just about everyone despised. He would defend the indefensible, introduced legislation that was at odds with the principles of the labour movement from which he came, and seemed like your typical toadying minister.

As a result of this his majority was slashed last time and he now sits on a relatively small majority over the Liberal Democrats in his Norwich South seat.

Then he lost his job as a minister.

From that point on we are supposed to believe from his regular headline grabbing attempts to attack Gordon Brown, a man who Clarke spoke highly of when he was a minister, that he is Labour MP people can trust to speak the truth. Piffle and balderdash.

Charles Clarke, in my opinion, will do anything to save his parliamentary career. This week he was attending the Lib Dem conference speaking at a fringe event. Perhaps the aim was to try and persuade Lib Dems he isn't so bad and that a journey to Norwich South to help out Simon Wright's Lib Dem challenge there is not worth the time. I would strongly disagree. Anyone who wants to send a message to Labour MPs that they will be judged on how they acted when in power, they will be reminded of the wasted opportunities they had and they will have to take responsibility for the mess the country is in after 12 years of Labour rule, then Mr Clarke should be one of our top targets to unseat.

When it comes to MPs doing one thing in office but saying the opposite when out of power, in my opinion Mr Clarke really does take some beating.


Letters From A Tory said...

Clarke knows that it's not just the cabinet who could get humiliated at the next election. Lots of backbenchers like Clarke are also fighting for their political survival, hence why he is distancing himself from Brown at every opportunity.

Dan said...

At teh fringe meeting he was highly concilitory towards the Lib Dems - talking of cooperation in opposition!!! Just shows Labour feel they are on a death sentence.

He refused to answer questions on Brown - said he would reveal all inhis Wednesday night speech....

Norfolk Blogger said...

Of course he was concilliatory. He does not want Lib Dem activists going to his seat.

Sir Edward Heath said...

"...talking of co-operation in opposition..."

Be careful Lib Dems.

People judge by the company kept - especially now your tuition fees policy is in doubt. Hee! Hee! Hee!

Quietzapple said...

Clarke is the subject of various extreme right wing journo bar bills. Publish them.

In return I'll help with the election count:

One chicken, Two chickens . .