I didn't like her anyway so her views rather justify my opinion

I was always of the opinion that the Queen Mother was a rather spiteful women who did all she could to stop any kind of healing of wounds within the Royal family regarding the former King Edward VIII whilst holding back the modernisation of the whole Royal setup.

On top of this, she lived a good life at our expense indulging her lavish tastes whilst employing people of questionable moral standards.

So I was not in the least surprised today to read in the Queen Mother's offical biography that she disliked talk of money (so she could avoid any fiscal responsibility) and she disliked Liberal Democrats !

Perhaps it is a badge of honour Lib Dems should wear.


James Higham said...

... disliked Liberal Democrats. :) I was waiting for the punchline, Nich.

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

....she disliked Liberal Democrats.

The lady has risen even further in my estimation.

Dippyness. said...

In fairness, I met her on a couple of times and found her really nice & charming. Very knowledgeable about horses. (My other pass in life)!
Think it should be remembered she was born & bred in a very different era. It's not really fair to judge her by today's standards.
I think you are reading too much into her way of life.

Anonymous said...

A relative had the misfortune to work for her during the 1920s. Not only was the job literally dead men's shoes (the shoes were antique and new employees had to wear whichever pair was available regardless of size) but to demonstrate her commitment to sacrifice during difficult time she cut the servants' wages. That's when he left.

Anonymous said...

Well I liked her - and now I know she disliked LibDems as much as I do, I like her even more.

Anonymous said...

That is quite amusing, I don't like many Liberal Democrats, but I will join with you in solidarity if it means I get to have a pop at the royal family. Let's get rid of the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me why I could never be a LD

Norfolk Blogger said...

Your comment reminds me that Tories will never do anything to oppose privilidge and deference.