Another guilty pleasure is back

We all have a guilty pleasure. For some it is Strictly Come Dancing, for others it is The X Factor or The Jeremy Kyle Show. But foe me, THIS IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE.

"Bring on the wall !"


Sir Edward Heath said...

I watched The Wall once. I was in bed and feeling very, very ill. Feeling poorly today, Nich?

I see it has a new presenter. He appears to be appearing everywhere of late. Watch out Brucie.

Hee! Hee! Hee!

Quietzapple said...

Could you not simply engage in the dubious pursuit of loathing the successes of Manchester United Football Club?

Your guilty secret sounds like a perversion too far.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Found myself supporting Man Ure over Man City last week. Nothing worse than "New Money" !

Quietzapple said...

Ryan Giggs playing beautiful football, tough on all those who prattled about Ronaldo & etc.

Never mind - eh?