When is it my turn ?

Two weeks ago, Harriett Harman was standing in for Gordon Brown. A week later it was Peter Mandelson. This week, apparently Alistair Darling is standing in for the Prime Minister.

At this rate it will be my turn to stand in for Gordon Brown in about three weeks.


alistair said...

Even a Lib like yourself could do a much better you than Harriett. Come to think about it an amoeba would be better than all of this group

Anonymous said...

Apparently Darling is standing in for Brown from Scotland in defence of his seat.

If seat security is a problem maybe Norman Lamb should man Downing Street for the week.

Sure Trevor Ivory wouldn't mind!

Anonymous said...

Trevor Ivory's Facebook group makes me laugh:


Have to give him credit for willing to challenge Mr Lamb.

Richard T said...

Fair enough if you wish Mandy standing two paces behind you guiding your every move.

Quietzapple said...

You may be expected to do your voluntary social work first . .

. . oHHH well you are keeping certain malcontents off the street . . .