How to put me off an issue

Certain pro smoking groups are still trying to get the smoking ban amended to that people can smoke once again in pubs. Personal I like now being able to go for a drink knowing I will not have to wash all my clothes immediately the next day to remove the smell of smoke. However, some groups do have plans for designated smoking rooms which may make some sense. But if one thing is going to put me off supporting them it is seeing that these groups are using Anthony Worrall-Thomson on their adverts.

Like Coral Vorderman, anything he does is an instant turn off for me. His politics too are not to my taste, just like his overly fancy food. Still, if you want to get people on side, why not choose a cook who let his own businesses fold recently because he did not want to secure the loans against his own personal wealth.


Quietzapple said...

Those who must visit pubs for non recreational reasons shouldn't have to suffer either.

The ban needs to be extended.

I recall a couple blowing cigarette smoke into the face of their infant quite deliberately on a train, disgusting.

In like manner children in cars should not be subjected to cigarette smoke.

Many cannot distinguish between "Libertarian" and:

lib·er·tine (lĭb'ər-tēn')
One who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person.
One who defies established religious precepts; a freethinker.
adj. Morally unrestrained; dissolute.

[Middle English, freedman, from Latin lībertīnus, from lībertus, from līber, free; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]

David MacLean said...

There's a line I once read of Devil's Kitchen in relation to the smoking ban. I can't quote it verbatim, but it was something like this...

"The biggest assault on individual freedoms for decades would have been thrown out had it not been for a few people who didn't want to wash their clothes and hair."

Anonymous said...

or to get lung cancer.