Horribly unfair posting alert !

Before the Norwich game this afternoon I saw new Norwich North MP Chloe Smith in the club shop (she looked slightly hassled so I didn't speak to her). Presumably (as many MPs do) she was going to attend the match in order to confirm her local credentials (although she may well have been a fan for years).

Anyway, it occurred to me after the game that I often used to see Ian Gibson (her predecessor in Norwich North) at Carrow Road, yet as soon as a Tory gets elected Norwich get their worst home result in over 100 years of their existence.

You see people of Norwich North, that's what you get with the Tories !!

(Note, I am trying to make light of a pretty dismal day and am not just having a go at the Tories or Chloe Smith)


Anonymous said...

I think Gunn should step down.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh, Amen to that. He's a Tory by the way ! Campaigned for them in 1992.

The thing for me about Gunn is that no other team would have appointed him based on his CV, Norwich appointed him only out of sentiment. Tha's not enough.

Paul Pinfield said...

Pretty shocking result, Nich. Looks like a tough season ahead.

Anonymous said...

I think we should put the new MP for Norwich North in charge.

She is a winner and she will sort NCFC out.

In the meantime, we should say good bye to old Gunn.

Nick said...

And for an even more tenuous way of finding a bright side, they were beaten by a team from a Liberal Democrat town! :)

Scarlet said...

Lol, except Chloe's sport was badminton until elected and which point opportunity knocked to be 'local' ;)

Norfolk Blogger said...

To be fair to Ian Gibson, he was a former professional footballer in Scotland and I know he attended Norwich matches before 1997. Norman Lamb too has been going to Norwich matches for many years prior to be elected. But Charles Clarke ? Chloe Smith ? Not your typical Norwich fans.