Here's a challenge for the local press in Norfolk

Following the story about Rupert Read and the abuses that appear to have happened in internal elections in the Green Party, lots of people have commented about whether the local press will follow up on the story. My guess is that they won't. The local press love the Greens and with a former high profile journalist running the Green PR in Norwich, the press seem scared to print anything that would paint the Green Party in a bad light.

So will the press report on what is happening ? I know you read this blog.


Anonymous said...

Read's latest twit is that he is on Eurostar going where there is no Internet, so he won't be able to answer any questions.The Guardian has picked the story. Please don't come back Rup.

Anonymous said...

‘Fear and Loathing in the Green Party’. Yes Rupert has decided to let Jason Kitcat face the wrath of angry Greens, and toddled off to the continent and a ‘place without internet connection’ – Think carbon footprint Rupert!

Because of Rupert’s ‘Clean Campaign Pledge’ and article on Lib Con, many Green Party members expected better of him, and as a consequence Jason.

However don’t worry Rupert will be back with his sophistry to argue that personal attacks are in fact reasoned debate.