Unreliable Tory data in Norwich North ?

A Lib Dem poster team out yesterday in Norwich North were surprised to see a lady with a bundle of Tory leaflets under her arm walking up the driveway of the house they were putting the poster up in ask them what they were doing.

"Putting up a Lib Dem poster", they replied

"But I have her down as a Tory pledge", said the Tory

"Well one of us is wrong", replied the Lib Dem team, adding "The owner of the house is a Lib Dem member and deliverer and asked for the sign."

"Well one of us is wrong" replied the Tory lady, and she retreated quickly.


Anonymous said...

The Torys do have more boards up thou. :p

Norfolk Blogger said...

I depends. In Mile Cross the Lib Dems have more. In Taverham, its even. In Drayton, the Lib Dems have more. In Hellesdon, its even. As for the rest of the city, I don't go through there often enough.

Mark Senior said...

Iain Dale said the Conservatives had a narrow lead over the LibDems in the poster count

Terry said...

Iain is hardly an unbiased source...