Tom Watson on Norwich North

You'd have thought that Tom Watson, Labour' by-election attack dog, the man responsible for some of the least pleasant and aggressive Labour by-election campaigns in recent years would have something to say about Norwich North on his blog wouldn't you ? Wouldn't you ?

Apparently not.

It reminds me of the Daily Mail's re-writing of history when they were the only national paper that didn't report the loss of Romsey by the Tories in the 2000 by-election.


Gherkin Jenkins said...

Siiiing when you're winning, you only sing when you're winning..

Benji said...

Apparently Labour were spreading rumours that Chloe was a lesbian during the campaign. I'm not sure they really want to draw attention to that!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I didn't hear any of those rumours and the Labour people I know in the city would find it hard to stomach such attacks, so this may be a myth like those put around that Iain Dale lost in North Norfolk because of homophobia, which gets trotted out on blogs every few months as if it is fact.

Benji said...

It was reported in the Sunday Times article on the by-election. I'm sceptical as to whether it was true or not.