Third Lib Dem Leaflet in three days - Spot the blogger

A third Lib Dem leaflet in as many days. Spot the blogger.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nich for your service of a blow by blow account of the leaflet war - I find it interesting - but dont tell the family!

None of the above said...

I hope you didn't say that phrase with the apostrophe in the wrong place?

Very poor indeed. No surprises though.

If I ever vote again it'll will for a party or person with a basic mastery of the language.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I thought it was correct, but each to their own.

None of the above said...


It should read children's and definitely not childrens'

The word is already plural and therefore the apostrophe goes before the 's'


Stan J said...


And shouldn't it have been "it'll be for a party"?

I do love a good grammar naziing sesh though!

The Eyes Have it said...

Nich, is it not disingenuous to be quoted as merely a local person, with no mention of your past as a Lib Dem councillor and your present as a partisan Lib Dem attack dog?

Norfolk Blogger said...

No. I am a local person and the quotation is something I am happy to put my name to.

Is it less disingenuous for the labour candidate to have ex university friends (who are also voters) quoted ot the Tory to use people she knows ?