Thanks for calling, do come again

Can I thank those of you who have looked in on this blog for the last few weeks to follow the Norwich North by-election. It has been a busy and quite exciting time for all those of us in this area who care about politics.

Now I appreciate that many of you read this blog just for the election coverage, but I would stress that this blog has been going for nearly three years, I post on all issues local, national and international, so I am not a one trick pony.

So if you like to rant, want to put me right on an issue or simply just want to read what a slightly euro sceptical Lib Dem in Norfolk has to say, do call again.


Nich Starling - Norfolk Blogger


An Activist President said...

It has truely beeen excellent and exciting coverage. They well done, Nich.

I for one will continue to read this blog, and I'm sure I will continue to disagree on almost everything.

Cheers again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you have been busy and very articulate. Now Norwich is over, I have rather more important matters to attend to like trying to persuade folk in Lewes that voting again for Norman Baker MP could help keep Labour in Government next time !

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous - you have no chance. Bakler has don emore to expose Labour than the Tories ever have.

Luke, thanks. Debate is good and always worthwile. Cheers.

Young Mr. Brown said...

Thanks for providing good, and fair, coverage.

I await with interest the announcement of the winners of the Norwich North By-Election Awards.

James Higham said...

I read the blog for your posts, Nich and not, I'm afraid, for the NN by-election, sorry to say, nice though the NN by-election was. :)

Anonymous said...

Nick how the hell did UKIP nearly beat your party ?