Second hustings meeting cancelled in Norwich North

For the second night running all the candidates gathered (except the Tory this time who only seems to bother if the press will be there) for a hustings meeting and for the second night running it has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

It says something about the excitement this election is generating that nobody seems to want to attend hustings meetings.

From my perspective this bodes ill for Labour as it suggests a general dislike of politics and that hits governing parties most in elections.


CathElliott said...

To be honest I think it's more to do with the hustings events being really poorly advertised.

I was given conflicting information about tonight's hustings (different dates and different venues), and in the end I gave up, which is a shame because tonight is one of the few evenings I've got free before election day, and I'd have liked to have heard what the candidates had to say and to have had the chance to ask them some questions.

Any idea where the best place to look is to find out who's actually speaking where and when in the next week?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chloe Smith called it right then!

This one looks like turnout will barely creep 30% (which, sadly, will give Brown & co something to crow about when they lose - no positive support for the Tories, protest vote, etc etc). So why waste time on a three-pieced long-dead format of electioneering which clearly no-one is interested in, to eschew door-knocking which works much better?