Norwich North By-Election - Thomas Burridge - The Libertarian Party Candidate

My name is Thomas Burridge, I am the Libertarian Party candidate for Norwich North.

The Libertarian Party offers something very different from any other party that is contesting the election; it offers the people of Norwich North freedom. One might be forgiven for assuming that freedom would be a given in any country that can be called a democracy. However the sorry state of affairs is that we are more controlled economically and in our personal lives than at any time in living memory, The Libertarian Party wishes to end the new labour police state, we wish to remove attempts to control your life (the smoking ban, speed cameras, ID card etc) and we wish to end government interference in your personal finances by completely scrapping income tax.

The same emphasis in individual choice is placed on local issues as well as national issues, we don’t presume to decide for you what is best for your community. If you decide that you want, for example an incinerator, a bypass or perhaps a wind farm or eco town then we will do our best to provide it, if you were to decide you did not want these things then we would do our best to oppose. What we would not do is presume that central government can hope to make a better decision than local people.

If you wish for a party that will truly defend your life and your liberties then I suggest voting Libertarian on July 23rd.

Thomas Burridge

Note from Nich Starling (Lib Dem Voter): This is posted here not as an endorsement but in an effort to give more coverage to those candidates who do not have the money or resources to publicise their campaign. Remember, whoever you support, to make use of your democratic right to vote on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Good of you to post this Nich, keep up the good work.

Henry North London said...

Thanks from someone in the party who stood in Norwich handing out leaflets for Thomas

Chloe processed past me like the Queen of Sheba

Didnt even stop for conversation

tut tut

Anonymous said...

34 votes?