Mandelson spinning again

While Peter Mandelson follows the rigidly of defending Gordon Brown in the wake of the Norwich North by-election, the problem is that Labour just don't get what is is that Norwich North tells us.

Labour's line is that due to the circumstances in which Ian Gibson stood down, this election was all about expenses, and was a special circumstance unrelated to normal politics. What Labour fail to recognise this that this is a self inflicted wound, and these self inflicted wounds are the sign of a government that is not only unable to control events outside of its control, but those it can control are done wrongly, in this case effectively sacking Ian Gibson whilst doing nothing about the likes of Hoon, Blears and others.

I seem to recall the last Tory government going through a similar episode of self harm over things like "back to basics" and the sleaze that was endemic in the period from 1992-97.

Whilst it might seem like a good defence for Gordon Brown to claim Norwich North was different, the electorate know otherwise and this makes Labour seems even more out of touch.


Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Nich Darling, of course you and I and everyone else bar little Gordy knows the root cause of the problem. But you see, I am part way through a plan to unseat him.

Since we are now 'best friends', Gordy accepts everything I tell him to say as genius, and then goes out and regurgitates it. So you see, I at least have to be seen to support the one eyed Scottish idiot.

It is all part of my little plan to replace him. You know the score: make him so unpopular that the men in gay suites (for it is I) have to pay him a visit. I am doing pretty much the same with Ball, Purnell and Co.

Such fun.

Much Love (to all my future subjects)


Bill Quango MP said...

Of course they don't really believe that it was any anything other than a rejection of New Labour AND a rejection of GB himself.. They have had weeks to prepare a credible response to keep rickety brown shored up a few more months.

Gordon knows that the election, unless a miracle happens, will see a similar result.

alistair said...

The Labour party are just like a drug users who do not see what the drugs are doing to both there body and life.
All the time reasons why its not their fault why still taking the drugs. The difference being this time the drug is power and they will have to go cold turkey next May

Letters From A Tory said...

The fact that the Conservatives managed to win the election while getting less votes than they did in 2005 shows how many Labour voters refused to turn up at the polls due to their outrage at Ian Gibson's sacking plus their hatred of Gordon Brown.