Libertarian Party - How to annoy potential voters by picking on the wrong issue

Let's assume that a decent percentage of the population do not like the nanny state and support a smaller government. So from that, let's assume that there is a % of the electorate who might be prepared to support the views of the Libertarian Party (Yes, I know I am making bug jumps but stick with me).

So why do they then undo this by making an issue of the smoking ban ?

The most stupid quote they use is "Smoking is healthier than Fascism".

True, but smoking is less healthy than democracy, and we do have democracy in this country.

If we compare everything to fascism then even the most unhealthy things become healthy in comparison. It's like saying "Compared to black, a very dark maroon is a light colour".

Anyway, if you want a laugh, watch the Libertarian party's video (it's amazing what you can knock up with a very basic video package on a PC at home using some stills and some dance music) for the Norwich North by-election.


Julian H said...

That slogan's been around since well before the birth of LPUK, and you're taking it far too literally. Perhaps, as a real political party, they shouldn't deploy the slogan as it is open to literal interpretation - but I can't even see whether or not they are using it as the video doesn't work. Amazing what you can knock up with a very basic Blogger package.

Norfolk Blogger said...

It's working fine for me.

Left Lib said...

This is definitely the party libertarians should join and see how many votes they get

Anonymous said...

I would definately vote for the Stoat party. Its the strongest political influence in Norfolk.
(you will NOT publish this!)

Letters From A Tory said...

The Libertarian Party are pushing hard in Norwich, but the anti-Labour vote is still infinitely more likely to turn to the Conservatives rather than the LPUK.

James Higham said...

I smell an election in the air.

Matt Davies said...

Stating the truth is always right.

Smoking is healthier than fascism. Hitler wanted to ban fags and most anti-freedom people like forcing people to live their lives to their own crappy little agenda.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Godwins Law - I win.

Roger Thornhill said...

Godwin sounds like a Fabian playing the long game to discredit critics once their mask slips.