Independent Leaflet in Norwich North

I received this leaflet yesterday. Sorry about the print quality but the original is very difficult to read in the first place. It looks like it was printed on an old photocopier.

I also received the Craig Murray leaflet today but this had been widely posted elsewhere so I won't publish it here.

The score ?

Lib Dem 7, Tory 6, Labour 3 (including one freepost), UKIP 3 (including one freepost), Green 0 Still not seen in large parts of Norwich North (friends in Mile Cross, Sprowston, Drayton and Taverham have all not got it), Holden 1, Murray 1.

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None of the above said...

Well, has several sensible ideas and no party dogma and no baggage, despite the unprofessional publication - as if that matters?

The leaflets I have seen so far are tragic. Daily Mail or Hello-style talking down to a voting populace who are much more aware than the "middle-class tow the party liners" would ever have you believe. This blog is emphasising everything that is wrong with the process. Total avoidance of issues. Too many careerists, not enough sensible, principled people.