Independent Bill Holden Leaflet (in high quality)

The Independent candidate Bill Holden put out a leaflet last week in Norwich North. Unfortunatly the copy of the leaflet I got was not that good and the version I put on this website was not readable. Having searched his site I thought it only fair to display a higher quality version of his leaflet so people can actually read it.


Terry said...

Sorry Bill - you have no chance. I will be surprised if he gets more than the 308 votes he got in 2005.

Matthew Huntbach said...

I wouldn't go as far as to say this a prime example of how not to do it, as there's worse. But it does show how the Labour A5 leaflet you disparage works.

Now, I'm on record as being very much opposed to PR people running our parties, but these examples do show professionalism in literature design counts.