Celebrity hypocrisy ?

Is there nothing worse than a sanctimonious celebrity lecturing us on the ills of society and government when they actively support that government ?

Ex Eastenders actress Michelle Collins, on The One Show, started telling the hosts about her charity work for Barnardos and how she was campaigning with them to get the government to do something about loan sharks and then started telling us about what happens to the most vulnerable in society during a recession. She said that she was campaigning to get the government to do something about this.

The problem is though that the government are hardly going to do something about it when the person moaning about their policies actually goes out and campaigns for that same government.

Update : The one highlight of The One Show was the presenter from the beach telling people to "Look at the webshite". Made me laugh.


Simon Gardner said...

What I want to know is: Is the supposed Labour “The Fox is going to get it” leaflet genuine? Surely not.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've not seen it and I called in to Lib Dem HQ in Norwich this morning to report a number of Lib Dem signs that were removed ovenight and they had not seen it either.

Urban myth ? I'll let you know when I go to the HQ tomorrow to get the new Lib Dem leaflet.