Second Lib Dem leaflet out in Norwich North

A second Lib Dem leaflet arrived today, putting the leaflet score at Tories 1, Labour 1 and Lib Dem 2.


Richard Pope said...

any chance you can lob a copy up here: http://www.thestraightchoice.org

Anonymous said...

Wrong Nick. Conservatives have delivered two leaflets.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Well obviosuly not if I have not seen it, if colleagues of mine (who are keeping leaflets for me) have not seen it and if it is not posted on the internet.

None of the above said...

real change?

I voted for that before, several times.

it's always been rubbish and never does what it says on the tin.

I don't just want 'change', I want something 'better' not just something differently bad.

Anyway, being a non-voter who grew up in the north during the miners strike when it felt like we had a chance of 'real change' and now being totally disenchanted with middle-class careerist politicians, it hardly concerns me, does it?