Pity the poor Tory and Labour campaign staffer who had to read my blog from start to finish

I got an interesting text from a friend of mine with Tory connections who told me that my blog was almost certainly being read, in detail, in case there was something on me to use against me if I had stood in the Norwich North by-election.

No doubt Labour were doing the same.

I just pity the poor fool who was paid to do that.


Stephen Glenn said...

Actually Nich the fact that you like me have said an awful lot about a broad range of political issues down the years is a sign of strength. Wonder just what the Prospctive Labour and Tory candidates do have to say on a broad range of issues.

(Of course my local MP has just resurfaced into the public spotlight)

James Higham said...

One way to get readers.

Stephen Glenn said...

Wonder if they'll move the poor researcher unto mine if Devine does stand down immediately. ;)