On reflection ...

When you have a responsible job you enjoy and a young family, deciding whether or not to apply to stand for parliament is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Many people who read this blog will know that it has caused me some anguish, but despite the lobbying of lots of people in the Lib Dems and beyond who have urged me to stand, I simply cannot spare the time, I do not believe it is in the interests of those I teach to do so at this time and quite frankly, I don't actually want to work in London.

I gather there has been a good number of applicants to be Lib Dem candidate for the Norwich North seat, some of whom are of a very high calibre, and I can only wish whoever is successful well in their task.

Of course, this blog will give you details of the campaigns as they happen as I appear to be the only political blogger based in Norwich North.

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