For the benefit of UKIP voters

A rather laughable story is being reported by the BBC. Apparently UKIP have got the electoral commission to ask polling staff to stop folding ballot papers because it seems UKIP voters are so stupid they cannot work out that there is more than one fold, and are unable to undo both folds of the ballot paper, thus ensuring they cannot find UKIP on the ballot paper.

So for the benefit of UKIP supporters



What I found laughable was that UKIP are claiming that "literally hundreds of people had contacted them" about this. So hundreds of people were able to get home, look up the UKIP phone number and moan, but those same hundreds were unable to undo a folded piece of paper.


James said...

I wonder who they vote for instead. One of the ones right at the top is my guess. You know who I mean..

s.oates said...

Unbelievable!! The stupidity speaks for itself really!!
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