A few illusions shattered ?

A colleague of mine started extolling the virtuous of the Green Party today at work. She was polite enough and is someone I generally get on with and respect. However, I got the distinct impression that her view of the Greens was not one that matched up with the reality of what they are like. But I guess we only judge from our own perspectives.

The saintly Greens, were simply not capable of being like the other parties. She refused to believe that a senior Norwich Green tried to spoil and gatecrash his way in to a Liberal Democrat meeting at the last General Election in Norwich. She refused to believe that female Lib Dems present at a meeting were shoved and jostled by a Green activist and she didn't believe that a senior Norwich Green sent an abusive letter to my father some years ago because of his support for the Norwich Northern by-pass.

When I said I could provide proof of these things, indeed I urged her to ask her Green friends about these things, and directed her to one particular Green who would know the truth and another Green who we both should mutually know who could back up what I said, her response was words to the effect of "No, you're a Lib Dem and they lie and the Greens don't do things like that".

So either they are brainwashing people or their voters really believe the Greens are some sort of second coming. The funny thing was though for the first time this might have showed this particular Green voter that actually the Greens are not as saintly as they claim. She wanted to deny it, but similarly, I hope she would know I was not lying.

I don't think any political party every reaches the heights that even it most ardent supporters could aspire to and perhaps it is a natural feature of politics that people who practise politics are human, so naturally sometimes, even Greens make mistakes ?


Anonymous said...

Why don´t you stand against the Greens and Mr Read in Norwich North and show up the Greens for what they really are? It´s about time someone did......

Anonymous said...

I believe you're talking about my partner. Can't wait to meet you.

Oh - and is it true that you said you hate the Greens more than the BNP? Or was that another Lib Dem? Because hating a party that cares about sustainability more than you hate Nazis.. says a lot.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous number 2

I said "There was only one other party aside from the BNP that I would never vote for and that is the Green Party", which is very VERY long way from what you are quoting to me.

If you knew my family circumstances you would know how deeply offensive your comments and your misquote is !

As for wanting to meet me, I think we have met and I certainly intended no offence to my colleague. Indeed I stated I get on well with her and I have worked with people (and am good friends with people) of all political colours (including Greens) except those who wear red armbands and like marching around together (see the North West and Yorkshire Euro Results).

Anonymous said...

If it's a misquote then sorry - send three and fourpence, etc.

As for the 'lies' comment - that might be to do with some of your election leaflets ('The Greens cannot win' - a logical untruth even before you see the graph of GE results!).

I think I was riled by the 'brainwashing' comment tbh.

Anyway, to bed..

Dan said...

Spot on Nich. The eco militants are a dangerous extremist party. You should read Rupert Read when he writes for the Morning Star!


Anonymous said...

Dan - so protecting the environment, developing new sources of energy and creating jobs is "dangerous"?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Depends how it is done. I have seen people in Norwich Green Party stating that they want Norwich Airport closed, what that will do for local jobs heaven knows, but they stay strangely quiet on this issue in local elections.